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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happier thoughts

We've probably paid too much attention to the miscreants in the Hawkeye family, so let's dial the Wayback Machine to September 2006 and remember better times in Iowa history.

The sheer feat of nine straight plays is, to be sure, amazing. I still have cannot get over the tackle Klinkenborg makes at the goal line. If he takes that direct line to the QB, all he accomplishes is knocking Patterson down as he crosses the goal line. Somehow he had the wherewithal to cross Patterson's face, square up, and drive him backwards at the 1-yard line. As stuffs go, it is picture perfect. Also, watch a healthy Mitch King wreak complete havoc in the interior line. If he can keep both his legs near 100%, he'll be a terror inside the tackles again.

Deep breaths, Hawkeye fans. We're but 10 days away from real football. Our long statewide nightmare will finally be over.


Anonymous said...

Since I live on the East Coast and don't get to go to many Iowa games, this was a must go to game. I had fun in Syracuse (and the Iowa turn out was great), but as I was walking into the Syracuse dome and I started hearing about how Tate wasn't going to play, I started getting a little nervous. Not much, mind you, since even the Syracuse fans admitted that we were going to wipe the floor with them. But four interceptions and several "Shada got burned again"s later and I was plenty nervous.

As the game progressed the Orange Dome was rocking and loud, I mean REALLY loud, like Kinnick's not even this loud, loud. And it wasn't even full.

And then this beautiful demonstration of how our defensive line was going to just plain kick everyone's ass from here to tomorrow, and we walked out of there happy as could be. Life was good, Tate would be back soon (I hoped) and Iowa would continue it's march to Big Ten mastery and the BCS, maybe even the Championship Game. With Tate, AY, and that D-line, how could things go wrong?

And then the Ohio State game, and worse, the Indiana game...

Oh well. Thanks for some GOOD memories.

Go Hawks!


AdamBez said...

Goosebumps, thank you.

Mac G said...

I was there, it was sick! OKeefe tried to lose the game by having Manson air it out, very unsuccessfully with 4 picks. Hawks fans dominated that dome and were very loud in OT. The Dome is a total dump too but the Cuse coeds and the local gentleman's club sure made up for it!