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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

BTN and Mediacom reach a deal. Maybe. Wait--no.

In a move that isn't really surprising at all--least of all the time frame--Mediacom has decided to actually show the Big Ten network here in Iowa.

That's about all we know at the moment, this is BREAKING NEWS PEOPLE!

[4:15 p.m. UPDATE(!!!!): Now the athletic department is playing stupid. For crying out loud, guys. Either a deal's done or it isn't. Nobody's benefiting from this "I can't tell you; it's a secret" charade.

Case in point: Elizabeth Conlisk, the Big Ten Network's vice president of communications also denied the deal was completed. "I can't characterize the discussions in any way," she said. Thanks for doing your job, VP of communications. Big help. We're all really looking forward to even more not-at-all shady business from the Big 10.]


Greg said...

Or not, according to the article. There's a deal. There isn't a deal. Maybe there's a deal. We really don't know, and we can't confirm it if we did. Useful article, that.

dmbmeg said...

I never thought I'd say this, but I wish I still lived in Iowa.

If Time Warner Cable ever decides to pick this up (fascist assholes) in the near future, all I'm going to get probably is Penn State and Michigan games.


Regardless, I am not afraid to write a stabby letter to Mediacom on your behalf to hurry their indecisive asses up. Or naked pictures. Whatever works.

Anonymous said...

I hate Mediacom. Last year it was their fight with Sinclair and I ended up paying more. That's it. If they raise rates again, I'm gone for good.
I'll download all my TV off the web.