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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Preseason BlogPoll: Week 1

OK, looks like Blogger's back up and running. I listened to suggestions, made some adjustments (suck on that A&M), and submitted our Week 1 BlogPoll. It's official -- we're part of the problem now! If you have a gripe, let me hear it. I should remind you, not just anyone can get a blog. They don't hand these out to trained monkeys, you know.

1Southern Cal 25
2LSU 24
3Michigan 23
4West Virginia 22
5Oklahoma 21
6Texas 20
7Arkansas 19
8Virginia Tech 18
9Florida 17
10Louisville 16
11Ohio State 15
12Oregon 14
13Penn State 13
14California 12
15Wisconsin 11
16South Carolina 10
17UCLA 9
18Florida State 8
19Nebraska 7
20Alabama 6
21Rutgers 5
22Oklahoma State 4
23Arizona 3
24Hawaii 2
25Iowa 1

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Tom said...

So, uh, what was wrong with having A&M in the top 25? They return a top-10 rushing game completely intact and the passing game should be better. The defense lost two good starters but should be more athletic than they were a season ago. The schedule is a nightmare but talentwise they are easily in the top 25 teams in the country.

Patrick said...

1) Oklahoma is starting a RS Frosh at QB. They aren't a top 10 team....yet (even though they do play in the Weak 12).

2) Florida State's offensive troubles won't be fixed purely by a new OC.

3) Alabama? Really? Give Saban a year IMO.

I like the rankings otherwise.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


JHC said...

:Tom: You know, I actually researched this. I now know more about A&M and fucking Hawaii than I ever wanted to. Did you do your research on Hawaii, Rutgers, and Cal?

:Patrick: Alabama was better than their record showed last year and they have their toughest games at home. You watch them, carefully.

:Anonymous: Georgia lost half of their starters. Tennessee is rebuilding, has another weak O-Line, and now has to play without LaMarcus Coker. You can make a case for 50 teams to be in the top 25, but these teams were easy for me to make a case against being in the top 25.

As always, I will listen to your input.

Texas Gal said...

A&M belongs nowhere near the Top 25. But then again I'm biased.

And NUMBER 6? What does a girl have to do to get her team ranked in the top 5?

JHC said...

:Texy: What do you have to do to get the Longhorns into the top 5? Try harder, desperately! That always works.