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Friday, August 31, 2007

The Morning After - Cyclone Edition

Let's get this out of the way right now -- we didn't start this site to attack Iowa State.

This is about Iowa, the Big 10, and college football. So just know, going into this season that this isn't the place to get your Cyclone abuse on. Iowa State lost, 23-14, last night in their season opener to Kent State. 1st year Head Coach Gene Chizik sounded tighter than a drum on his radio show the other night and I can only imagine how he feels this morning. I doubt he slept at all. It's going to be a long season for those guys and but I think he's got them going in the right direction. That's all I'm going to say about them. We have an Iowa game to think about so let's do that.

OK, I will say this to the guy in the photo above. Wearing a sweatband to watch other men play football angers the football gods. It's Division I football. It's the Big 12. It aint intramurals. So your team loses and you're a little bummed out? Go play intramurals, brother.


Hawkeye State said...

Putting your face on the coin toss medallion before you've coached a snap of Division I football angers the football gods far more than wristbands.

It's a beautiful day.

Oops Pow Surprise said...

Gorgeous DAN HAWKINS reference.

JHC said...

It won't be the last Hawkins reference from me either. That never gets old to me. Ever.
Damn I wish he was in the Big 10.

Bellanca said...

It's not good for the Hawks, that beating. They're not a good team, and the system is all new. But if they just win the Iowa game, Chizik will say, at least they will have that. If I'm Chizik and if I think we're bad, and I might very well think we're desperately bad (I never lost to a Kent State before ... AT HOME) I write off the season, make it a developmental year and throw everything I've got and a lot I don't, at Iowa in two weeks. If I beat Iowa, everyone will say "We are just developing our club. Ferentz lost 10 his first year too. But, at least, we beat Iowa."

Anonymous said...

They need to worry about NORTHERN Iowa first. Honestly, I was there. ISU is a bad team.

Ridiculous Man (sorry not logged in)

dmbmeg said...

Despite your penchant for run-on sentences, and my belligerence, I'm going to half-ass address this comment.

I don't get how anyone can blame a coach for taking over after a team where another (at the end of his career) coach did the recruiting. You can't ever compare the two teams as ISU is always in a state of "development".(read: they always suck)

I was at that game when they lost to ISU in 1998. Heartbreaking though. But Ferentz turned that shit around, unlike the perpetual state of hopeslessness that is the Iowa State Cyclone football team.

bellanca said...

I see we're into the Grain Belt (Old Style?) -- do they still sell Blatz out there in the Broad Shoulders Place -- well, running along now with my original thought, Are you fucking high?

I didn't compare the two. I sure didn't blame anyone. Drink another one and get in a fight, or something. Do bars have WiFi now, or something?

Those were quotation marks. That means that I refer to a fictional "Other", as they say down there in the EPB (is the EPB still there?), so anyhow, I don't compare Iowa and ISU, I just note that they will cop a "we're just like Ferentz and the Hawks" excuse, if they lose em all except ... one.

I don't want them to win that one.

I want the Hawks to create such mayhem that pathetic ISU O-line starts to blubber oh, mid second quarter. I want Chizik to walk off the field, alone, in the 3rd quarter, and just walk on out to I-35. I'm sure that's obvious.

a piu tardi,