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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Preseason BlogPoll: Week 2

This is the final bit of pure speculation you'll see with this poll. A team like Oklahoma State has a chance to fight their way back in by beating Georgia, who took their spot this week. Other teams, like Iowa and Arizona, have 1 shot to prove themselves before they're tossed into the scrap heap, never to be heard from again.
For one weekend, everyone's undefeated, everyone's hopeful, and everyone's got a shot at a National Championship. This is really it. All of the talk of next year, the coaching changes, and the work in the the offseason is over. It's time to deliver the goods on the field. Take a deep breath, give your team one last appraising look, and get on the fucking train because this is going to be the greatest ride ever.

You excited?

1Southern Cal 25
2LSU 24
3West Virginia 23
4Michigan 22
5Texas 21
6Oklahoma 20
7Virginia Tech 19
8Florida 18
9Arkansas 17
10Louisville 16
11Ohio State 15
12Oregon 14
13Penn State 13
14California 12
15Wisconsin 11
16UCLA 10
17South Carolina 9
18Florida State 8
19Nebraska 7
20Alabama 6
21Rutgers 5
22Georgia 4
23Arizona 3
24Iowa 2
25Hawaii 1

New Additions:
Dropped Out:
Oklahoma State


Holly said...

AAwww, Iowa's in your poll! How adorable!

TGog the Fu said...

Sweet titty fucking christ? Iowa?

blythe said...

even though i'm geographically obligated to hate them, perahps the pokes can pull it off this year. by it, i of course mean re-enter the top 25. they're not gonna do anything else... #6!