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Monday, August 27, 2007

Initial Preseason BlogPoll: Week 2

Not a game has been played and we're already into week 2 of the blogpoll. We're the media and that's how we rock it. You'll notice a few minor changes. I dropped Arkansas and South Carolina a few spots based on some shenanigans over the weekend. I also added Georgia to the poll and removed Oklahoma State. Head to head, I think Georgia would beat OSU 7 out of 10 times so I made the change. I read Dawgsports frequently and he has me believing. If you aren't reading Dawgsports, you should be, it's one of the only foobaw blogs I check daily.
Just like last week (and next week, and the week after that), we're looking for your comments and those of other bloggers before we officially submit our Poll for this week. Tell us what you think.

1 Southern Cal 25
2 LSU 24
3 West Virginia 23
4 Michigan 22
5 Texas 21
6 Oklahoma 20
7 Virginia Tech 19
8 Florida 18
9 Arkansas 17
10 Louisville 16
11 Ohio State 15
12 Oregon 14
13 Penn State 13
14 California 12
15 Wisconsin 11
16 UCLA 10
17 South Carolina 9
18 Florida State 8
19 Nebraska 7
20 Alabama 6
21 Rutgers 5
22 Georgia 4
23 Arizona 3
24 Iowa 2
25 Hawaii 1

New Additions:
Dropped Out:
Oklahoma State


Barstoolio said...

It pleases me to see OSU out of the top 10.

blythe said...

you and me both. you and me both. i only hate texas more than osu.

JHC said...

Hey you two! Glad to see we can all agree on who we hate.

blythe said...

oh, do you know what i realized? sometimes, in my ncaa football induced rage, i forget there are two osu's. you meant ohio. i meant oklahoma state. funny thing is, i hate them both. so, we all win. except for me, because now i look stupid.

9/1: ou 438, north texas -16.

JHC said...

Hate requires no explanation.
I knew what you meant.