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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Travis Meade is an acrobatic lover

There were plenty of expressions of joy from the players on Saturday, but none were as poignant and awe-inspiring as Travis Meade's celebration with unwitting teammate Damian Sims:
What a masterful run! Allow me to perform a Flying Romanian Throatclogger!


Bucketochicken said...

Damian: Trav, I must say your balls smell terrific. Almost as nice as the Zooker's hair.

Travis: Whole Foods, dude, Whole Foods.

LadyAndrea said...

I love those homegrown boys. I should send Travis's sister Tristan here. She'd get a kick out of it.

Tyler said...

Where does he get the ups? It's got to be the milk man, because it sure as hell isn't Tim!