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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Anton Narinskiy believes Impossible Is Nothing

HawkMania (I will link to them on a daily basis and you will enjoy it, readers) had a wonderful profile on Russian native Nikolai Volkoff Anton Narinskiy, whose last name will probably be the word verification in the comments. If we had that.

Essentially, the guy's family dragged him over here from Russia when he was 8. He taught himself English in school, became a 2-sport all-star, and only showed up at high school for football and wrestling practice by the time he was a senior; he was over at the community college the rest of the time.

Narinskiy, intent on making you look bad, showed up with 35 credits and has already graduated. In addition, he has allegedly* learned 15 more languages, made up four of his own, and graduated from six more universities with honors. Summa cum motherfucking laude, baby.

Actually, hold on a second. Funny Russian name? Star athlete? Academic freak of nature? I think we've already heard of this guy...

Son of a bitch.

*allegedly = in my imagination


Run Up The Score! said...

A number of points:

1. THC. Please tell me that acronym was planned.

2. Nikolai Volkoff recently ran for the state legislature in my brother's Maryland district. He lost, which is fucking bullshit.

3. If Penn State was a car, it would certainly be a wood-paneled station wagon.

JebusHChrist said...

1. A lovely coincidence is all it was.

2. His relationship with the Iron Sheik cost him a lot of votes.

3. It would be fueled by formaldehyde, like JoePa.