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Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Passive zone coverage in the front, blitz in the rear" doesn't have the same ring to it

More hat tips, daps, mean mugs and shoulder shrugs to Brian at mgoblog for unearthing this picture of J Leman, which somehow is not a photoshop:
All-conference linebacker, all-world hair.

There's so much about that picture that's mind-altering, not the least of which is the notion that "J Leman" is a white guy. Meanwhile, I'll be spending the next week scouring Goodwill locations in the southern half of Illinois looking for a tie like that. Holy Motherfucking God.

The rest of Brian's post is a preview of Illinois, and it's predictably awesome, so go--go read it now. We'll cover Illinois during the season with about one-tenth the information and one-one-thousandth the integrity.

Fuck it, I'm making J Leman my cell phone wallpaer. Glorious.

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