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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wha Happened? Week 2

Iowa 35 - Syracuse 0

We will, of course, go over this game in much more detail tomorrow, but here's what you need to know: the Iowa defense is very good, and the Syracuse football team is not. The Flyin' Hawaiian, TE Tony Moeaki, gained more yards in three quarters than Syracuse did all game long. It's not time to start reserving your tickets to Pasadena yet, but the plain and simple fact is that Iowa hasn't played a game like that in years.

Illinois 21 - Western Illinois 0

The Illini looked sluggish to start the game, and The Juice only passed for 90 yards. More ominously, the Zooker spent the entire third quarter with a football helmet on. We're worried.

Indiana 37 - Western Michigan 27

This score is somewhat deceptive; Indiana built a 27-point lead early in the 3rd quarter, and after the Broncos' two-point conversion failed with 8:48 remaining, they didn't threaten again until it was far too late. Indiana probably won't be playing on January 1 this season, but considering their schedule and how lame the lower echelon of the Big 10 looks, it's awfully hard to rule out four or five wins in the conference.

#19 Oregon 39 - Michigan 7

Everybody knew giving Oregon seven points was fucking ridiculous, but nobody but the most irrationally pessimistic could have predicted an ass-kicking like this. Michigan fans were booing before the first half was over, Chad Henne was injured and may not play next week, and Mike Hart is losing his mind. Then there was Lloyd's baffling postgame speech, where he said that even if he loses his job (read: is fired) he won't be kept down. Uh, okay? That wasn't really what anyone was interested in, but okay.

Michigan State 28 - Bowling Green 17

The Spartans won this slapfight because oh wait nobody cares.

Minnesota 41 - Miami University 35

Minnesota and Miami both fought desperately to wrest defeat from the jaws of victory, but with the advent of overtime, there can only be one loser. Both teams missed easy field goals in the second overtime before Amir Pinnix put the misery out of its, uh, misery. One bonus of the highlights is the laughably underpopulated Metrodome. Was that place even half-full?

Northwestern 36 - Nevada 31

Nevada blew a 24-10 lead, got it back late to go up 31-27, then let Northwestern drive 80 yards in about a minute, culminating in a 13-yard score with just 21 seconds to go. It was tremendously exciting football between two bad teams. No word on whether any posts were "laked."

#10 Ohio State 20 - Akron 2

The Buckeyes also sputtered against a non-BCS team (jeez, Big 10), but as soon as they kicked the field goal to go up 3-2, this game was over. Akron was Syracusian on offense; they punted 14 times and only managed three first downs. Ohio State's defense remains scary-good.

#12 Penn State 31 - Notre Dame 10

Joe Paterno remained terrifying, but the real story was the Notre Dame offense's continued ineptitude on offense, as the only Irish touchdown came from an interception return. This is particularly baffling, because as we all know, Chuck Weis is the greatest offensive mind in college football history. Imagine how much worse this loss would have been if Tyrone Willingham were still around! He's probably pissing everyone off in

Washington 24 - #17 Boise State 10


Purdue 52 - Eastern Illinois 6

Curtis Painter threw six TD's on 49 passes against Eastern Illinois. Was that really necessary, Tiller?

#7 Wisconsin 20 - UNLV 13

The Badgers have never really been effective against a spread offense, so this score isn't too much of a surprise. I don't think anyone in Camp Randall is contemplating pressing the panic button yet, and they should be right back on track next week against the Citadel. Then after that... Iowa.

Northern Iowa 24 - Iowa State 13

Oh dear. Iowa State's listless performance against UNI pushed the members of Iowa's non-conference slate to 0-8, and 0-12 is easily possible after next week; only NIU has a reasonable shot at winning. The Cyclone defense forced no turnovers and only six incompletions on 29 attempts. It is reasonable to assume that Iowa State will be the worst of Iowa's four non-conference opponents. After last week, that seems stunning, but come on. They were down 24-6 until midway through the fourth quarter.

South Florida 26 - Auburn 23

This game has absolutely nothing to do with the Big 10, but any time a member of the Hayden Fry coaching tree (Jim Leavitt) wins a game this big, it makes our black hearts and gold pants swell with pride.


I. Michael Koontz said...

That's not a peanut being picked out of that giant turd Michigan laid yesterday--it's Lloyd Carr's future.

Guess who'll be on the BTN next year as an analyst? With psychic powers like these, I should be on the carnival circuit.

I'm still not sure what Iowa can do to guarantee a decent OOC opponent. First Mizzou gets a hot case of the pussies, then Syracuse pulls an unexpected A-1 suckorama.

The way things are going, Pitt is likely to fall into a sink-hole in August 2008 and Arizona will have all 85 scholarships revoked before 2009. And then we have to put up with the 'Your OOC schedule sucks!' posts from Wisconsin fans (Oh the irony of it all!) all over again.

Apparently the only way we can schedule a decent OOC opponent is to agree to kiss the hem of Pete Carroll's raiments or buy Charlie Weis a lifetime supply of Omaha Steaks.

And even then, ND would probably toilet-tank right before we met. Actually, that might make it all worth it.

the spectator said...

Even better, it makes my old boss down in Mississippi piss his pants because he bleeds Auburn and thinks the SEC is the most awesome conference on Earth.

Run Up The Score said...

Iowa State's listless performance against UNI pushed the members of Iowa's non-conference slate to 0-8, and 0-12 is easily possible after next week

Penn State would be in that same situation, but Temple played Buffalo on Saturday. Someone had to suck less than someone else.

bl1731atc said...

Penn State's run D is giving up (-1.5) yards per game.

Speaking of run D, McCarney beats Auburn the day the cloned cojones beat Auburn. Plus, he's probably got a pool at home.

Anonymous said...

Needs more "Iowa State sucks so bad" tag

I. Michael Koontz said...

Actually, needs more cowbell...