You will get nothing and like it, Orange-Man.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Damnable real world!

We've got a lot on our plates not only here at THC (oh boy, have we got lots to talk about, readers), but in the real world as well. So pardon our momentary lack of content while we take care of earning a living.

The upcoming week will feature brawls, defensive lunacy, exploding spaceships, liberal use of the "iowa state sucks so bad" tag, a wonderful change of scenery for us... and murder.

Stay tuned.


the spectator said...

Dudes... hurry up. I need my fix. I'm starting to get the shakes and the uncontrollable farting starts shortly after that.

Bucketochicken said...

:spectator: Shoulda' had the steak, man.